11 videos featuring Maya Rudolph and Debra Wilson as Whitney Houston

Iconic pop singer Whitney Houston died at the age of 48 this afternoon. No cause of death has been revealed. And while it may seem her work in the music world had nothing to do with world of comedy, two great comedic actresses — Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live fame and Debra Wilson, known for her work on Fox’s long-running MadTV — famously imitated Houston throughout the years, most recently on the eighth episode of SNL‘s current season, when Rudolph returned to the show for a drop-in to the recurring Miley Cyrus Show sketch. And that’s where we’ll begin this roundup of her and Wilson’s work.

In season 32 Whitney Houston visits Amy Poehler at the Weekend Update desk:

Whitney and Bobby Brown visit Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon at the Weekend Update desk during season 28:

On the season 32 premiere Whitney helps out a Geico insurance custumer, played by Andy Samberg:

Let’s move on to Wilson’s work on MadTV, which was much more frequent. We begin with Whitney and husband Bobby Brown (played by Aries Spears), as they film their Christmas special:

You may remember this infomercial parody, wherein Whitney is selling an album of standards:

Whitney is the subject of the documentary series MTV Icon:

Whitney and Bobby are the subjects on an episode of MTV Cribs:

Poking fun at celebrities who check into rehab for “exhaustion,” MadTV whipped up this sketch that finds Whitney and Bobby hosting a telethon to raise money for Celebrity Exhaustion:

One time, Whitney met Kelly Clarkson on the stage of American Idol:

And who could forget Whitney’s performance at the Oscars:

Rest in Peace, Whitney.

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