• 6 hilarious Twitter accounts that don’t even do stand-up

    You may be following a bunch of professional comedians and writers on Twitter, but that is by no means the limits of finding the funny online. Here are some of the best non-comedian Twitter accounts you should be following right now!


    Okay, you knew this one would be on this list. The model and TV personality revealed to the world that she is also funny as hell, whether dunking on her haters or mocking her EGOT-winning husband John Legend. But seriously, he does look like Arthur.


    If you’re in any way a political junky, you probably already follow darth, but if not, you should rectify that mistake immediately. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on his epic photoshop jobs like this gem: Edward Snowden riding a red panda

    and Snoop — then Snoop Lion — chilling with some fellow lions.


    If you’d like some feminist rage with your lulz, then look no further than this wildly popular Twitter account. You’ll laugh, but you may also learn a valuable lesson like we did from this classic:

    Well said.


    Timothy Simons is a great example of an actor who uses his platform for good — and bonus! He’s funny while doing it. The Veep actor frequently uses his Twitter account to mock conservatives and encourage people to get out and vote. Oh, and he doesn’t pull punches: “shut up you weak ass bitch,” he recently tweeted at the much-loathed Jeff Flake. Well, at least we know where he stands!


    This is probably the best example of humor that will make you feel warm, cuddly, and happy. Jonny Sun is a cartoonist who recently partnered with Lin Manuel-Miranda, the other most-positive person on Twitter, to illustrate Gmorning, Gnight!, a book that is designed to give you a case of the feel-goods. Go follow him for laughs and for the distinct feeling that the world maybe isn’t so terrible after all.


    Yes, that’s right. The brooding actor who portrays Jughead on cult-fav Riverdale will have you cracking up if you follow him on Twitter. And he’s not above poking fun at the fan obsession with his show:

    But his humor isn’t all Riverdale-related. Sometimes it’s just solid life advice:

    Indeed, he did not.

    Allison Kilkenny

    Allison Kilkenny is a writer and performer living in NYC. She is a contributor at Reductress, a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and the host of the political-comedy podcast Light Treason News (lighttreason.news)

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