• 7 true crime podcasts that make murder sound hilarious

    Comedy has found an unlikely bedfellow: true crime. And America is loving it! The two don’t seem to go together, but more and more true crime comedies are popping up and making audiences laugh along to horrible stories of murder and mayhem. In the genre of true crime comedy, podcasts are king. There are hundreds of podcasts dedicated to telling stories about serial killers, survivors, and horror. Laughspin has made a list of all the ones you should try out as you sit in your kitchen staring lovingly at the knives.

    My Favorite Murder

    Probably the most popular podcast on this list, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark host this feminist and hysterical true crime podcast. My Favorite Murder has always been popular, starting at #25 on the Apple Podcasts charts back in 2016 and peaking at #3 earlier this year. They don’t get into the super gross details and aren’t too intense when it comes to research. This makes it a great starter podcast if you aren’t sure if you are addicted to true crime yet. They just started a podcast network so there’s even more MFM related content coming!

    Last Podcast on the Left

    One of the OG comedy crime podcasts, Last Podcast of the Left is not for the faint of heart. From rape jokes to really specific details, Last Podcast on the Left can get pretty intense for some listeners. However, no true crime comedy podcast has better research. Starring podcast host Ben Kissel, podcast researcher Marcus Parks, and comedian and actor Henry Zebrowski, the podcast has grown into its own Las Podcast Network with shows such as Sex And Other Human Activities and The Adventures of Danny and Mike.

    A Very Fatal Murder

    Maybe comedy with real crimes is too much for some listeners. The Onion’s A Very Fatal Murder is a parody of podcasts like Serial or Someone Knows Something. It goes in depth into the fictional murder of Hayley Price and her small town. There are several true crime satire podcasts that are exceptionally good. After binging this one, check out Done Disappeared for your fake true crime needs.


    All Killa No Filla

    If you like MFM, but you thought to yourself, “What if they were more Brittish?” All Killa No Filla is for you. This podcast started out very rough, especially when it comes to audio quality, but has rapidly improved to become very much worth your cellular bandwidth.

    Small Town Murder

    Comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman host this podcast which looks into how small towns react to murder. With engaging live shows, the hosts bring Small Town Murder to regionally specific locations to engage with fans who know these small towns.


    And That’s Why We Drink

    Every episode of And That’s Why We Drink is hosted by Christine Schiefer, Em Schulz, and boxed wine. This podcast covers more than just true crime. They do ghost stories, weird happenings, murders, and more. However, no matter the topic it’s always spooky and the hosts are always more than a little tipsy. If you love drunk people and true crime, there is also Wine & Crime, which features it’s own wine pairings so you can drink along.


    From comedians Rich Slaton and Jon Shefsky, Criiime  often changes up its format. It is always crime and always comedy, but episodes sometimes are recorded on the go from other countries, have special guests, or are even missing one of the hosts.

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