Adam Scott and 2 Chainz are unlikely duo in Expensify ad

2 Chainz and Adam Scott are giving money management a sick beat. The two teamed up on a music video with financial app Expensify to give away big prizes for its users. The music video is part of the unlikely duo’s Expensify This campaign ahead of Super Bowl LIII. The video invites fans to “expense” receipts seen in the video for a chance to cash out on various prizes.

Individuals must download the Expensify app, snap a pic of the receipts, and submit the photos for a chance to win cash or prizes. Some coveted prizes include a gold jet-ski, a diamond-covered football, or an Audi R8.

The contest was revealed this week, ahead of Sunday’s big game. Expensify’s first Super Bowl commercial, a first for the company, will also be “expensible.” Meaning, there will be one receipt in Sunday’s video that viewers can upload into the app for a chance to win. While the goal of the receipts is to have people test out the Expensify app, bringing together the ultimate celebrity duo has already brought out excitement from fans everywhere.

Hats off to the marketing guys at Expensify.

Kaitlin Tunstall

Kaitlin Tunstall ’19, of New York, attends the Borough of Manhattan Community College and expects to graduate in the spring of 2019. Kaitlin is an English major with a focus in Journalism and Creative Writing. Having worked as both a freelance writer and college assistant, Kaitlin hopes to broaden her skills into academia and editorial work. After graduation, Kaitlin plans to travel Asia before continuing her studies at a CUNY four-year university.

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