• Alec Baldwin serious about mayoral run; also serious about destroying John Krasinski’s image

    Turns out Alec Baldwin is actually serious about running for mayor of New York City. In a New York Times interview, the actor mentioned that he’s planning to enroll in graduate school to learn more about local politics and “the fiscal imperatives” of being mayor. Sadly for us, 2013’s election isn’t in the cards for Baldwin. Aside from devoting time to school, Baldwin is on the hook for another season of 30 Rock, and might also appear in the occasional episode after he leaves the show as a regular cast member.

    On the plus side, Baldwin is getting a ton of experience going mano-a-mano against an opponent in one of the most heated rivalries of all time: Red Sox versus Yankees, or, more to the point, John Krasinski versus Alec Baldwin. Take a look at the latest dispatch from New Era Baseball, in which Baldwin completely owns Krasinski with a rather public dirty trick.

    Here’s hoping he’ll draw on shenanigans like that in forming his campaign strategy. And, as a side note, as wonderful as a Baldwin presence in the New York City mayoral race will be (and, thankfully, that won’t be Stephen Baldwin, darling of the Tea Party), I really wish Jack Donaghy could run. But, alas, we’re stuck with this whole “Jack Donaghy isn’t a real person” thing.

    Carrie Andersen

    In addition to writing for Laughspin, Carrie is a graduate student in Austin, Texas, where she researches popular culture, new media, music, and social movements. When not reading or writing in any official capacity, she spends her time playing the drums, watching crappy TV, and eating copious amounts of tacos and barbecue. She also blogs sporadically at carrieandersen.com.

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