Alex Jones on Joe Rogan podcast: “I’m kind of retarded.”

InforWars host Alex JonesJoe Rogan invited Alex Jones back onto his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, for the 1255th episode—and it got weird. The nearly five-hour podcast live streamed on YouTube and currently has over 1 million views. Clips of the podcast appeared all over social media in real time and people are raising their eyes at the content.

The InfoWars host returned to the podcast after his first appearance back in February of 2017. “We decided to do another podcast. We cleared the air on the phone and decided to clear it more on a podcast,” Rogan stated at the top of the show.

He told Jones on the podcast, “I told you a long time ago that I would have you back on and, in the interest of being completely honest, I was hesitant to do it. Not because I didn’t want to talk to you, but just because the amount of bullshit that I get from people who get angry that you and I are friends.” He continued, “You and I have always had a good time together…our only problems are when you are talking about me or if I am talking about you, not about when we are talking to each other. It’s the distance that has been the problem.”

Alex Jones finally admits Sandy Hook was real

The episode started with the two discussing Jones’s very controversial take on the school shooting at Sandy Hook and other mass shootings. Jones tried to distance himself from the perception that he was “the Sandy Hook guy,” even though he is currently being sued by the victims’ families. He even said to Rogan he now believes that “Sandy Hook was real.”

After talking about how conspiracies and schizophrenia are linked, Jones distanced himself from his conspiracy theorist reputation. “I have my own mild psychosis,” said the conservative talk show host. Jones credits his distancing himself from other theorists by being on the receiving end of theories, including claims that people think he’s Bill Hicks in disguise. He later called himself “kind of retarded.” A clip of this made it to Twitter and was quickly spread and reposted numerous times.

Joe Rogan Experience episode pushes bizarre conspiracy theories

While Jones originally walked back on his identity as a conspiracy theorist, later in the podcast, he brought up some wild theories of his own. Jones, who is banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms, told Rogan all about how the USA government secretly runs Mexico as a lab.

It is not only what Jones said that came off as unhinged. It is also the way he said it at times. He becomes emotional in several parts of the stream and almost cried over children he had in a distant past life starving to death. (We told you it got weird.)

In another clip, he starts screaming at Eddie Bravo about late-term abortions and won’t let Bravo tell him that his take is just another conspiracy theory. Live viewers clipped out these bizarre moments and quickly posted on social media. Both Alex Jones and Joe Rogan trended on Twitter for hours.

Alex Jones: Human-animal hybrid aliens exist.

Some of the most outlandish parts of the interview, however, came when Jones started talking about aliens. He posited that there is a secret government base under San Francisco. “The media is not gonna cover this,” says Jones. “They literally have an alien base and they are making intergalactic deals.” There is a certain irony that Jones wore a NASA t-shirt depicting a rocket ship during the podcast.

Jones also said that human-animal hybrids exist and that those hybrids are aliens. However, Jones also states, “I have never been the alien guy,” at the two-hour and thirty-minute mark. Yes, it’s very confusing.

Joe Rogan joins Alex Jones on 9-11 conspiracy theory

The two also covered virtual reality patents, Aztec sacrifices in what is now Mexico City, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and how they do not believe Bill Maher is a pedophile. Rogan and Jones finished the podcast on a mutually conspiratorial note. They light up “more tobacco” while talking about 9-11 and how they believe some buildings “were already leaning.” After hitting “the tobacco,” the podcast began to wrap up with Rogan discussing trans women and how they should not be allowed to compete in sports. Jones replied that he doesn’t care about trans people and then immediately started doing an offensive impression while saying “[being trans is] a mental illness.”

Jones finally capped the episode saying he was threatened by black men, but that he doesn’t hate them because they are black. “They were Nazis,” he claimed and then snuck in a quick offensive impression. Rogan said he wants to end the show on a positive note and then immediately tells his own story about Black Israelites and how they claim George Washington was a black man.

It’s so weird. If you are truly brave, you can listen to the over four-hour podcast below.

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