• All 7 Who Is America? episodes ranked

    Infamous comedian ambusher Sacha Baron Cohen recently revealed that there will not be an encore season to his scathing Showtime satire Who Is America? Conservatives everywhere—from Sarah Palin to Dick Cheney—can breathe a sigh of relief.

    The reason for the truncated show? Cohen says people are wise to the act and he would need to create new characters; no small feat given that those characters require him to spend five hours in makeup every day.

    “It is grueling,” he told The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast host Scott Feinberg. “I’m too lazy to do this.”

    We’ll have to quench our desire for blistering satirical comedy by revisiting the maiden voyage. So here is every Who Is America? episode, ranked!

    #7 – Episode 6: Food critic reviews the flesh of a Chinese dissident

    Towards the end of season one, Who Is America? had definitely run out of steam. After all, it’s virtually impossible to book A-list interviews for every episode, but there were still some humorous moments. Notably, food critic Bill Jilla shined while eating what he believes to be the flesh of a Chinese dissident before looking straight at the camera and telling the deceased man’s parents just how delicious their son tastes. “It’s just simply melting on my palate,” he sais Seriously, how does Cohen get people to say this stuff?

    #6 – Episode 5: DJ Solitary

    Cohen’s ex-convict convict character Rick Sherman, who up until this moment seemed borderline pointless, got a moment to shine when he DJed at a nightclub and shouted to the cheering crowd, “Let’s hear it for all those murderers who is locked up because of crimes they committed! If you believe we should stop shaming murderers, say ‘Yeah!’”

    In the same episode, character Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., PhD, a quintessential Trump supporter infected with blind loyalty, interviewed Corey Lewandowski, a former Trump campaign manager, about fascists.

    “[One] can’t be attacking honest fascist people who just want to express their right to start a genocide?” Lewandowski’s weak reply, “Look, I don’t know about that.”

    #5 – Episode 4: Fighting terrorism with pork and anal sex

    This was the one where Cohen’s Finnish presenter called OMGWhizzBoyOMG somehow managed to get Joe Arpaio to say he would accept a blow job from Trump, and none of us will ever be able to wipe that fact from our memories. OMG asked if Trump called Arpaio up and offered him an “amazing blow job,” would he accept. “I may have to say yes,” responded Sheriff Joe. Okay, then!

    Cohen’s Israeli anti-terror expert Erran Morad, meanwhile, dealt with how you should react if Islamic terrorists ever storm your office, recruiting conservative activist Shaun McCutcheon to the cause. Strategies of defense include using pork and a picture of two men apparently having anal sex.

    #4 – Episode 3: Accusing Roy Moore of being a pedophile

    Disgraced former Senate candidate Roy Moore had a memorable cameo in this episode when Morad attempted to test his “pedophile-detecting” equipment on him. Moore was not amused and wasn’t having it.

    #3 – Episode 7: Antifa and pussy hats

    The finale of season one was a doozy. In this episode, Cohen attempted to get O.J. Simpson to admit that he had killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson when creepy guru character Gio Monaldo said, “Me and you we got something in common, we both–how you say–ladykillers.” Simpson was quick to declare, “What? No, I didn’t kill nobody!”

    In the same episode, an Antifa-despising Republican named Glenn sat on a bed wearing a dress and pink pussy hat, clutching a tote bag with Morad’s arm around him as they watched Girls together. It was…a lot.

    #2 – Episode 1: Conservatives support arming children

    Who is America? opened strong with its first and second episodes. In the premiere, Cohen successfully got multiple prominent Conservative politicians to support an initiative to arm children ages 3 to 16.

    The current House Representative from South Carolina’s 2nd District Joe Wilson—the guy who infamously yelled, “You lie!” during one of Obama’s State of the Union addresses—expressed his support by stating, “A 3-year-old cannot defend itself from an assault rifle by throwing a Hello Kitty pencil case at it. Our Founding Fathers did not put an age limit on the Second Amendment.”

    #1 – Episode 2: Dick Cheney autographs a waterboarding kit

    This was the one where Jason Spencer ran around bare-assed in an effort to thwart terrorism and Dick Cheney autographed a waterboarding kit.

    Then-Congressman Spencer (he has since resigned his position following the backlash from this episode) received anti-terrorism training from—who else?—Morad, and did about a million problematic things in the process. Variety recaps: He pretended to be a Chinese tourist (which he does by yelling gibberish); screams the N-word; rams his bare butt into Moran in an attempt to thwart a kidnapping (because he thinks it will threaten to make his kidnapper gay); warns people about “sand N-words”; and cuts off the prop penis of a terrorist mannequin and bites into it.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, this was also the episode where Cohen got former Vice President Dick Cheney to sign a waterboarding kit. You know, because he loves torture so much! Wwwwow.

    Season 1 of Who is America? was a wild ride, and while we may never get a season two, at least we’ll have a series of very intense, confusing memories.

    Allison Kilkenny

    Allison Kilkenny is a writer and performer living in NYC. She is a contributor at Reductress, a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and the host of the political-comedy podcast Light Treason News (lighttreason.news)

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