• All-comedy FM radio station launches

    A new radio station in Austin, TX called Comedy 102.7 launched and plans to offer round-the-clock comedy content. According to Austin360 programming will include classic stand-up routines from legends such as Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield as well as content from contemporary comedy stars like Ron White and Chelsea Handler. They also plan to feature Austin comics like Shane Mauss and Andy Ritchie.

    The station is owned by Emmis Austin Radio and according to vice president Scott Gillmore “it will be an avenue for listeners to discover new comedians, as well as an outlet for the “growing” Austin comedy scene. “We’re excited to bring Comedy 102.7 to Austin – and you’ll want to set a button on your car radio to 102.7,” Emmis Vice President of Programming and operations Chase Rupe said. “Everybody needs a comedy break during the day.”

    You can check out the station at facebook.com/comedy1027.

    Fred Farris

    Fred’s passion for comedy began at an early age when for some reason his father allowed him to watch George Carlin perform his classic "the seven dirty words you can’t say on television" routine. Fred has spent time in Las Vegas running comedy shows at a casino theater and also in Chicago writing about comedy and producing his own live shows. Since moving to Los Angeles in May 2010, he has worked in the live booking department of a major talent agency and currently works for a top talent management and production company.

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