• 7 All That sketches millennials still love

    All That is coming back; ’90s kids rejoice! Last month, Nickelodeon announced the iconic sketch show for kids will return. Former All That cast member, and current SNL star, Kenan Thompson will executive produce and have a hand in the reboot’s direction.

    The original All That ran from 1994 to 2005 and gave kids their own sketch comedy show a la Saturday Night Live. While it’s been over a decade since the show went off the air, many of the sketches are still as funny today as they were when you were a kid. To celebrate the reboot, Laughspin is bringing you seven All That sketches that are just as funny as you remember them.

    Kel Mitchell as Repairman

    One of the break-out-stars of All That was Kel Mitchell and his Repairman character shows why he was a fan favorite. Repairman is a superhero character who’s power is being a (bad) handyman. The absurdist sketch features a truly impressive performance from Mitchell who really commits to the character. Many sketches on All That featured wacky characters, but the Repairman was perhaps the wackiest of them all.

    Chris Farley swings by All That

    While the recurring sketch, Cooking with Randy!, was always a favorite, the episode where Thompson’s Randy brings on Chris Farley is maybe the best. Farley, supposedly, was not supposed to destroy the cake in the sketch but did it anyway because he thought it would be funnier. Farley’s larger-than-life comedy style fit in perfectly with All That and it’s a shame a show like this wasn’t around when he was younger. The physical comedy in this sketch is unparalleled and the joy the actors bring to this sketch makes it a classic.

    Lori Beth Denberg doing Vital Information

    Vital Information was All That’s longest-running sketch. While Lori Beth Denberg originated the Weekend Update-esque segment, Danny Tamberelli and Lil’ JJ both went on to host after her departure. Denberg’s segment served as a centerpiece of the early years of the show. Most of All That features over-the-top slapstick, but many of the Vital Information sketches featured more deadpan humor. The dip in the usually extremely high energy comedy made these sketches stand out. The sketch was so popular, they even made a behind-the-scenes segment about it!

    Kenan Thompson’s Everyday French

    Thompson’s Pierre Escargot has gotten a second life thanks to gifs. A Frenchman in a raincoat in a bathtub is amongst the most memorable characters that ever appeared in the show. The nonsensical nature of the sketch was perfect for kids and the translations will still get adults laughing. It was Thompson’s favorite sketch to do and, for the reunion, Thompson talked about the character and how they wanted him to learn French—he didn’t.

    Amanda Bynes doing Ask Ashley

    Ask Ashley was a break out character for Amanda Bynes. It was characters like Ask Ashley and Whateverr! that would earn Bynes her own spin-off, The Amanda Show. Ask Ashley is an amazingly simple sketch, but it remains a fan favorite. A lot of that has to do with Bynes’s performance. Her quick change from sweet to angry is funny every time. Bynes was only 11-years-old when she introduced the character but packed a powerhouse performance.

    When Britney Spears did Know Your Stars

    The segment Know Your Stars was usually confined to telling lies about the cast members, but every once and a while they would have a non-cast member in the segment. The Know Your Stars featuring Britney Spears sparks a special nostalgic cord. Her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, was a cast member at the time, who later went on to do the segment herself. How Britney reacts to the lies told about her is an amazing comedic performance from the pop star.

    Every Good Burger sketch ever

    Good Burger became much more than an All That sketch. It is the only recurring sketch from the show that got its own movie with Thompson and Mitchell starring as a couple of clumsy fast food employees. The movie is a cult classic in its own right and the sketches feel unforgettable as well. Even after Mitchell left the show, All That didn’t want to retire this long-running sketch. Cast member Ryan Coleman took over the Good Burger character after Mitchell moved on, but the sketches featuring Mitchell in the lead are so much more iconic.

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