• America Ferrera cooks up poor man’s Ecstasy in this exclusive clip from It’s A Disaster (Video)

    If you’re thinking there’s been a dearth of quality comedy flicks in the theaters lately, let us assure you there’s hope– and it comes in the form of a great, ensemble called It’s A Disaster. Starring David Cross, Julia Stiles, Erinn Hayes, America Ferrera and more, the action centers around a monthly couples brunch between friends. As if the stress involved with keeping up appearances isn’t enough, the eight pals find themselves in the midst of a mysterious, catastrophic attack.

    To celebrate the theatrical release (April 12) and its current presence on Video On Demand (iTunes, Amazon and more), we wanted to gift you, dear Laughspinners, with this exclusive scene, which finds Ferrerra’s character desperately trying to deal with her impending death whilst talking sense into her fiance, played by Jeff Grace. Check it out!

    If you plan on being in the New York City area next weekend, check this out: David Cross and America Ferrera will be conducting live Q&A sessions after the “primetime” screenings at Village East Cinemas on April 12 (Cross only) and 13 (Cross and Ferrera). If you want more information on the flick, get thee to iadmovie.oscilloscope.net.

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