Amy Schumer helps raise over $6,000 in 13 hours for Ardie Fuqua’s family

Amy SchumerMuch of the news coverage surrounding the car wreck that put several comedians in the hospital on June 7 is about 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan or the death of his close friend comedian Jimmy Mack. Morgan’s hospital updates have been the focus of nearly every headline, with little or no mention of how the other people in that crash are doing. To remind you, fellow comedians Ardie Fuqua, Harris Stanton and Morgan’s assistant Jeff Millea were in the limo bus that was smashed into by a Walmart truck on the New Jersey Turnpike. Stanton suffered a broken wrist and was released from the hospital.

Fuqua is a New York City-based comedian who works on the road and regularly hosts at the infamous Comedy Cellar to make a living to support his family. He does not have the mega stardom that Morgan has, who won’t have to worry about financial strain while being hospitalized. While Fuqua remains offstage, his income comes to a halt. That’s why comedian and friend Amy Schumer started a GoFundMe page for the comic’s family. As of this writing, over $6,000 has been raised in just 13 hours! The original goal when I began writing was $10,000, and upon publishing the goal has been raised to $40,000 after so the outpouring of well wishes and generosity as been so successful. Please take a moment to donate something to help Fuqua and his family make it through this tragic and tough time. “Please come back,” writes fellow Cellar comic Dan Naturman. “My MC’ing sucks.”

Ardie Photo by Corey Melton

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