Amy Schumer, Jimmy Fallon Video Hilarious! Watch Stand-Up Comedian Play ‘Truth Or Truth’ With ‘Tonight Show’ Host (VIDEO)

Jimmy FallonAmy Schumer played a game of “Truth Or Truth” with Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s The Tonight Show. And just as we suspected, it was not long before things quickly veered into R-rated territory.

At the start of the “Truth Or Truth” segment, Amy Schumer got Jimmy Fallon to reveal that his motto is “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.” Schumer then admitted to Fallon that she wishes to make out with Christian Bale when he was in the film Newsies. For the record, that movie came out in 1992, when Bale was around 18 years old.

“That’s the best Christian Bale,” Amy Schumer said.

But things on The Tonight Show “Truth Or Truth” segment really got hilarious when Jimmy Fallon asked Amy Schumer what she thought of teeth.

“I’ve been told to use less,” Schumer replied.

Amy Schumer’s answer was so risqué that Jimmy Fallon had to remind her that his show was now on at an earlier time. But the Tonight Show host was able to recover long enough to reveal that his first words were, “Y’all don’t know me.”

Jimmy Fallon concluded “Truth Or Truth” by asking Amy Schumer what she wanted on her tombstone.

“This was a homicide,” Schumer answered.

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Amy Schumer play “Truth Or Truth” on The Tonight Show below.

And when Jimmy Fallon and Amy Schumer weren’t playing “Truth Or Truth” on The Tonight Show, they decide to play Invisible Double Dutch. The comedian revealed that she and her friends often played the game without a rope when they were drunk. So naturally, Schumer decided to show off her Invisible Double Dutch skills with Fallon, guest James McAvoy, and members of The Roots playing along.
Watch Amy Schumer show off her Invisible Double Dutch skills below.

Melissa Siegel

Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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