• Amy Schumer announces second Netflix comedy special

    Amy Schumer is coming out with a new Netflix special. The comedian, who has proven she won’t be stopped no matter what’s growing inside her, will cover marriage and pregnancy in the new comedy special.

    If you’ve been living under a rock: Amy Schumer is pregnant. The star has been very open about her pregnancy, morning sickness, and all of the issues surrounding her pregnancy on social media. The I Feel Pretty star announced Tuesday morning via Instagram that her new special, Amy Schumer: Growing, will be available for streaming March 19.

    In the video, the Inside Amy Schumer star eats a donut while she talks about her pregnancy (again). She says, “I know it probably seems like I have been pregnant for 1,000 years.”

    She then pretends that the video is a gender reveal saying, “What I wanted to announce was the baby’s gender.” She continues, “We are so excited to say what the gender is. However the baby identities is fine, whatever the baby’s sexuality is… any way the baby identifies is cool with us. As long as it doesn’t identify as a DJ.”

    Amy Schumer surprises fans with Netflix special announcement

    Schumer then clarifies that what she really wants to announce is her new Netflix special. She ends the video by saying, “It’s the best special I have ever done.”

    Schumer made headlines this week for posting a photo of the Olsen twins on her Instagram and saying she had an announcement coming Tuesday. Many fans insisted the announcement would be that the comedian is pregnant with twins (she quickly debunked that rumor).

    Did Netflix change its star system because of first Amy Schumer special?

    Her first Netflix hour, The Leather Special, was seen as a flop after a sea of one-star reviews appeared on the platform. Vulture reported when the Leather Special came out in 2017 that the special was actually targeted by alt-right “trolls” via Reddit who tried to sink Schumer with bad reviews. Some suggested this was the reason Netflix ditched the star ratings altogether.

    While one reviewer from Entertainment Weekly called The Leather Special, “pretty much 85 percent sex jokes,” Growing promises much more. In it, Schumer discusses pregnancy, marriage, and personal growth. She is confident in the material and hopefully, her trolls won’t come for this one too.

    You can watch the full Instagram video below.


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    Ahhhhhh I’m having a SPECIAL! March 19th @netflixisajoke #GROWING #TEACHYOURKIDSNOTTODJ

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