• Amy Schumer hates people with happy pregnancies in Netflix trailer

    The trailer for Amy Schumer’s second Netflix special, Growing, is out and it’s clear Schumer continues to keep it real during her pregnancy. Amy Schumer: Growing debuts on March 19 and will show Schumer talking about the trials of pregnancy, being a bridesmaid in your late thirties, and marital bliss.

    In the trailer, Schumer shares that even though someone is pregnant you don’t start to change who you are, unlike women who start to act really precious. “You don’t stop being you. You don’t stop working or drinking.”

    She also addresses pregnancy complications in the trailer. “If you had a good pregnancy like if you are someone who enjoyed being pregnant, I just hope your car flips over. That’s what I wish for you.”

    Amy Schumer pranks announcements on social media

    Schumer suffered from pregnancy complications—hyperemesis—that prompted her to cancel the rest of her comedy tour earlier this week. She’s been vocal on social media about morning sickness and other challenges of being pregnant.

    The I Feel Pretty star frequently uses social media to make major announcements, from her pregnancy to show cancellations. She disguised her Netflix special announcement as a video that would reveal the gender of her baby. “What I wanted to announce was the baby’s gender.” She continues, “We are so excited to say what the gender is. However the baby identities is fine, whatever the baby’s sexuality is… any way the baby identifies is cool with us. As long as it doesn’t identify as a DJ.”

    She then goes on the clarify that she has a Netflix special coming out, calling it the best special she has ever done. We’ll see if it’s any better than The Leather Special.

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