Ana Gasteyer apologizes to Martha Stewart on Late Night with Seth Meyers (Video)

Apologies generally mean more when made in a timely fashion, but there’s a reason people say “better late than never.” Ana Gasteyer, former Saturday Night Live cast member and burgeoning jazz singer, reunited with fellow SNL alumnus Seth Meyers on Late Night and issued a long overdue apology to Martha Stewart, who was a guest that same night.

As one of Gasteyer’s most well-known impressions, Martha Stewart was the butt of some of Gasteyer’s funniest sketches, and Gasteyer decided to apologize with an itemized list of offenses. From the time she mispronounced some of Stewart’s favorite words to the time she played her topless, Gasteyer wanted to make it clear that there are no hard feelings and the apology was completely driven by respect (read: fear). The two seemed to bury the parodical hatchet though, as they ended up cooking one-pot meals together while Meyers happily looked on and ate. Ana Gasteyer’s debut jazz album I’m Hip drops on Sept. 30. So, there’s that.

And if you want a taste of Ana Gasteyer’s jazz chops, check out the video below.

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Rodrigo Torrejon

Rodrigo Torrejon is a journalist/writer technically based out of New Jersey, but a New York native on Tinder. He loves medium-rare steak, the outdoors, but most of all, comedy. He also writes and curates a music and culture blog at

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