• Ana Gasteyer lied to Lorne Michaels about her age during Saturday Night Live interview

    We’ve all lied on our resumes or job applications. But lying to Lorne Michaels during your Saturday Night Live interview takes some serious balls. But that’s what Ana Gasteyer did before she landed her spot on the iconic show in 1996.

    In a new interview, the Huffington Post asks the current Suburgatory star, now 45, if she ever lied on a job application, to which she responds, “Yeah, I did when Lorne Michaels interviewed me, because I heard he doesn’t like to hire women over 30. And 29 sounded like a lie, so I tried 28. My husband asked me later why I didn’t at least buy a few years.”

    Whether she needed to lie or not, we may never know; but she stayed with SNL for six seasons, poking fun at celebrities like Martha Stewart and Celine Dion and creating characters like NPR radio host Margaret Jo McCullen opposite Molly Shannon and high school music teacher Bobbie Mohan-Culp, opposite Will Ferrell.

    Later in the interview, Gasteyer, who has since launched a career on Broadway and in cabaret clubs — look out for her first album next Fall! — talks about her SNL-related recurring dream:

    It’s everything rolled into one horrific “Saturday Night Live”/Broadway mishap. It’s all together in one big dream. They’ve just written the script, I have to show up, I’m the understudy, the lead called in sick. It’s just a vast behind-the-scenes thing, with everything going wrong. Running late, not fitting in the costume — one big prepared-for-shooting nightmare. I have it all the time. “Saturday Night Live” is like one big, scary, stress-related thing because it’s all moving so quickly and you don’t have a lot of time to process in the moment. You just have to do it, handle pressure well and have a nervous breakdown later. So I was calm, cool and collected as well as one can be on “Saturday Night Live.” But for years I’ve been running to the set in a panic in this dream.

    You should check out the full interview here.

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