• Andy Dick enters rehab again (Video)

    We’re sorry to report that, although he thought he’d put the worst behind him, comedian Andy Dick is back in rehab this week. He checked into the Oasis Treatment Center in California on Tuesday after an intervention by concerned friends and co-workers during the filming for his web series Andy Dick Live.

    Dick’s boss, Alki David confronted the star on-camera during a recent episode, reports Celebuzz. He gave the troubled comedian an ultimatum: either conquer his demons or quit the show, and encouraged him to enter rehab. David told Dick, “If this continues, we can’t carry on. And if you decide to leave and not [check into rehab], I’m afraid that we can’t carry on here together.”

    Dick admitted that he had, indeed, been through “ups and downs,” and he was moved to tears by the efforts of his friends before being escorted to the rehab facility in Anaheim (See video below). He spent his first night in treatment Tuesday night. Dick has been in out of rehab over 10 times and has made headlines over the past few years for less-than-desirable behavior.

    When we interviewed Dick in October of last year, Dick was in a good place. He was sober and voluntarily participating in an outpatient rehab program. He was also voluntarily cooperating in random drug testing without being told by a court to do so. We wish him all the best in this battle.

    Watch Andy Dick's Intervention by filmonlive

    Dana Sitar

    Dana Sitar is a freelance comedy journalist trying to answer the question “What is it like to be a comedian?” She shares this quest and other tips from the writer's life at DanaSitar.com and on Twitter @DanaSitar

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