• Andy Richter scores hosting gig for '$10,000 Pyramid'

    Do you remember that time Andy Richter, Conan O’Brien’s longtime chat show sidekick, absolutely, unequivocally fucking crushed his opponents in Celebrity Jeopardy? It happened in 2009; actress Dana Delaney turned in a somewhat respectable showing, but the best part of the show is that Andy completely embarrassed CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who you would expect to be a little more in the know about general goings on and facts than say, Richter. But in the end, the comedy guy took home $68,000 for charity and the smarty news guy earned -$4,600.

    Anyway, it looks like Andy will take his game show prowess and use it on his own show. It was announced this morning that Richter will host The $10,000 Pyramid for TBS. For those youngsters out there, Pyramid was a game show in olden times, wherein a celeb teamed up with a regular old Joe. The celeb gave clues to a theme and the Joe (or Jane) had to guess what the the was. That’s a terrible description actually. Just watch Billy Crystal below tearing it up in the original version of the game.

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