• Ann Coulter gets trashed at Comedy Central Rob Lowe Roast by Jeff Ross as Prince (VIDEO)

    Ann Coulter took an extraordinary verbal beating at Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe, set to air on Labor Day. We’ve seen some clips already. Comedy Central released yet another today– this one features Roast veteran Jeff Ross, dressed as Prince, who died earlier this year. We’re not sure what’s uglier– Jeff Ross as Prince or the way in which Ross describes Coulter, the famously hated conservative pundit.

    “Ann Coulter wants to help Trump make America great again. You can start by wearing a burka,” Ross says, adding, “You have a face that would make doves cry,” an obvious reference to Prince’s classic song “When Doves Cry.” Then Ross bait-and-switches her with, “You’re very beautiful, actually; you’re like a modern-day Eva Braun.” For those of you historically challenged, Eva Braun was Hitler’s girlfriend and then wife (very briefly) before they both committed suicide together.

    The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe features roast master David Spade with other dais members Jeff Ross, Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, Jimmy Carr, Nikki Glaser, Ralph Macchio and Rob Riggle. Coulter has already responded to what she describes as the unfunny barbs against her during the Comedy Central Roast, telling The Hollywood Reporter she thought the Roast was “humorless” and kept saying that Comedy Central made a decision to “move away from comedy.”

    “I used to dread going on Politically Incorrect with “up and coming” comedians,” Coulter said. “But at least on Politically Incorrect, there would be just one has-been or wannabe on the panel. This was an entire dais of ’em.”

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