Anna Kendrick’s SNL promos with Taran Killam are hilarious (Video)

Anna Kendrick of Pitch Perfect fame has proven herself one of very few A-list Hollywood actresses who have a great sense of humor. A cursory glance at Kendrick’s Twitter account helps prove it. So, despite the fact we’re still basking in the glory of Louis C.K. and his performances on SNL last weekend, we’re stoked to see Kendrick this Saturday where she’ll host the iconic show for the first time in her career.

As if we didn’t already know she’d do great, her just-released Saturday Night Live promos with Taran Killam are further evidence. Kendrick and Killam explore their musical theater backgrounds, Kendrick gets schooled on when exactly SNL airs and the actress opines on what could possibly more fun than hosting Saturday Night Live: “Sumo wrestling in donut batter,” Kendrick offers, adding, “a mansion full of monkey butlers, a tickle fight with puppies while I’m wearing a bikini made of bacon.”

All of the above options sound great to us. But for your amusement, you should really check out the full set of SNL promos below.

Kendrick hilariously took to Twitter on March 30 to review Louis C.K.’s performance on Saturday Night Live. “Was reeeeally hoping @louisck was gonna do me a solid and phone it in on SNL last night,” Kendrick wrote, adding, “Talented piece of shit.”

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