• Anne Hathaway, Jay Pharoah lead Saturday Night Live to a solid night of laughs

    She awkwardly mumbles as the pseudo-“complex” Katie Holmes on the Miley Cyrus Show. She dons a Dorothy costume and Judy Garland’s voice to boot. She Brits-up as royalty-to-be Kate Middleton. She kicks up combat-booted heels as Alanis Morrissette. She busts out a thick Bronx accent for an on-the-scene news bit.

    It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving, and among the things to be thankful for this week are host Anne Hathaway’s voice and her ability to transform into truly diverse characters. But those are actually the clips we’re not going to focus on for now. I’m just a little more grateful right now for Jay Pharoah’s impeccable impersonations, the very existence of Web Exclusives and, of course, Thanksgiving itself. After all, most of this week’s best bits were themed in that direction.

    We begin with travel. Everyone knows holiday travel can be a pain in the butt, but the show hit a hilarious nerve early-on with this seductive take on how the security experience can feel in other private areas.

    One of the few Kristen Wiig characters that is consistently, sincerely funny is Penelope. This week, Wiig’s outrageous one-upper outdid many of the other bits by taking on Anne Hathaway’s do-gooder-turned-sour soup kitchen manager.

    And as for Pharoah, he just seems to out-do himself each time he’s given screen time. This week, during his walk-on for Weekend Update, he gave us a little taste of Thanksgiving hip-hop-style by cooking up holiday theme songs in the flavor of Jay-Z, Drake and Biggie Smalls. DELISH!

    Bobby Moynahan took on the insanity of Black Friday with an over-the-top ad for an out-of-control super-store. There were no kitchen sinks, though there were plenty of iPads and Kindles to be found, if you’re fast enough to catch them.

    But, finally, from the looks of it, the folks who attended the dress rehearsal got the biggest and best Thanksgiving treat of the night. Whatever the reason was for cutting the perfectly timely, perfectly snarky and perfectly hilarious Thanksgivies sketch, it wasn’t worth it!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! See you back here for the December 4 recap, with host Robert DeNiro and musical guest Diddy Dirty Money.

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