Artie Lange hospitalized after suffering diabetic shock (Photos)

Artie Lange has been killing it recently, but it seems the veteran comedian has suffered a setback, as he’s been hospitalized. “In the hospital outside of Detroit after going into diabetic shock. Trying to get better. Sorry for missing gigs,” Lange tweeted earlier today, adding the lovely photo below. Lange has been touring the country doing stand-up and hosting The Artie Lange Show on DirecTV. He even released this new animation of his interview with Major League Baseball legend Pete Rose. This past October he released his second best-selling book Crash and Burn. According to his schedule, Lange’s next live show date is April 19 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Let’s hope he makes it! Lange looks pretty good considering, don’t you think?

Artie Lange hospitalized


Here’s how WebMD describes diabetic shock:

Severe hypoglycemia, or diabetic shock, is a serious health risk for anyone with diabetes. Also called insulin reaction, as a consequence of too much insulin, it can occur anytime there is an imbalance between the insulin in your system, the amount of food you eat, or your level of physical activity. It can even happen while you are doing all you think you can do to manage your diabetes.

The symptoms of diabetic shock may seem mild at first. But they should not be ignored. If it isn’t treated quickly, hypoglycemia can become a very serious condition that causes you to faint, requiring immediate medical attention. Diabetic shock can also lead to a coma and death.

Artie Lange followed up with this loving tweet from the hospital: No worries. My road mgr Tim is with me. Homosexual men are great caretakers!


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