• Artie Lange heads back to rehab; cancels all stand-up gigs

    UPDATE 9:38 a.m.: Another tweet has been sent out from Artie Lange’s account. The tweet tries to clear up confusion caused by news that Lange was in jail. While Lange is being held at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark, N.J., it is allegedly to sober him up before sending him to a treatment facility. The tweet comes after multiple news outlets reported that he was being held. Variety also reported “according to the Essex County Correctional Facility inmate database, Lange was in possession of a controlled substance. However, there is no sentencing or bond information listed on the website.”

    His lawyer Frank Arleo was quoted by NJ.com as saying, “He knows he’s got a problem. He knows he shouldn’t have tested dirty yesterday, but he did. He knew what was going to happen.” NJ.com also noted that Lange could be held at the jail until February 6.


    Artie Lange’s team announced the beloved Crashing star is going back to rehab. In a tweet from Lange’s account, it was revealed that he will be going to “a long term treatment program” and that his fans should “excuse any show advertisements.. [sic] starting today” that promise him on the line-up.

    While little there is no information about who has taken over the Twitter or which rehab program it will be, the news that he will be in treatment comes after a hectic and rocky few months for the veteran comedian.

    Artie Lange rehab comes after rocky few months

    Back in November, Lange announced he was going to rehab. That announcement came after New Jersey police found heroin in his car during a traffic stop, and then the MADtv star missed a court appearance. At the time, he pleaded guilty to possession of 81 baggies of the illegal substance. He then violated the terms of his parole by failing a drug test.

    Then in December, Lange completed a 25-day rehab program but admitted that he had used cocaine after the treatment via his Twitter. In his post, he said, “Today in court they drug tested me. For the last decade or more they’d have found both Heroin and Cocaine. With the help of in my eyes a miracle legal medication called Suboxen I tested negative for Heroin. I haven’t used Heroin in 41 days…” Later in a thread, he said, “10 days ago when I left rehab I had to touch the flame. I used Cocaine…”

    What happened to Artie Lange’s nose?

    The comedian also made headlines for the appearance of his nose. His septum had collapsed after decades of snorting various drugs. He tweeted a photo of his nose saying, “My nose is fucked. Gotta accept it. But I’m alive & blessed w a gig 2nite & many more.” Now, in January, on an episode of the Are We Still Talking About This? podcast, Lange claims that the appearance of his nose was due to an attack.

    While he started by saying, “The reason I have this nose is, of course, the abuse. I have no septum,” he went on to say that 11 months ago, “I also owed a bookie $62,000… and a kid who worked for the bookie… he was collecting, and he thought I was a billionaire because he saw me on TV, and he kidnapped me. I was going to my truck, he knocked me out with one punch… Knocked me out for like 10 minutes.”

    After describing the attack he continued, “It destroyed my nose. The septum from the abuse from the years of drugs and this hit broke it, and I’ve had two operations, and it’s just in bad shape.”

    Lange took to Twitter after the podcast to elaborate, indicating that he was not actually kidnapped, saying “I was not kidnapped. I had an altercation w someone that lasted a couple hours tops. It has been solved and forgotten. Everyone involved is fine.”

    All of us at Laughspin are happy to hear he is getting treatment and hope his journey to sobriety runs smoothly.

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