• Artie Lange to become mayor?

    Artie LangeA Howard Stern fan has started a write-in campaign mayorartie.com to elect Artie Lange as the next mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey. A special election will be held in November to replace Mayor Peter Cammarano, who served only 30 days before he was arrested in a major corruption scandal.

    Lange, who has been a Hoboken resident since 2001, “doesn’t know shit” about politics, according to the campaign site. But with the support of Stern, Lange brainstormed on his political agenda.

    “I would legalize all drugs and tax the shit out of them,” Lange said on-air. The money generated would go to city workers. “Police would get $200,000 a year and firemen would start at $150,000” in a Lange administration.

    The campaign — not yet officially endorsed by the candidate— kicked off Monday with a Wiffle Ball tournament.

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