Artie Lange writes forward to radio personality's book

Artie LangeAfter his 2008 memoir Too Fat to Fish became a New York Times bestseller, the division of Random House who published Artie Lange’s book promptly gave him a deal to write another. Seemed like good business. But then Lange’s depression took a turn for the worse at the beginning of the year when he — luckily — unsuccessfully tried to kill himself. It goes without saying, Lange’s second writing effort will have to wait.

However, the folks at SaveBabyGorilla, a longtime Lange support blog, just brought it to our attention that Artie, though no doubt before January, had been putting pen to paper (hardcore fans know he doesn’t know how to work a computer). Turns out the comedian wrote the forward for radio personality Sid Rosenberg’s new book You’re Wrong and You’re Ugly: The Highs and Lows of a Radio Bad Boy.

Anyway, here’s what Artie had to say at the start of Rosenberg’s book, which is out in stores now.

I always thought Sid was hilarious. I lost contact with him over time, and then I was on The Howard Stern Show and I heard Sid Rosenberg was on Imus. I said, “That’s the Sid that I did that show with.” Of course Stern and the Imus show were at odds with one another – and I’m in Howard’s army forever. But even Howard’s producer Gary Dell’Abate says Sid’s a good guy, because they knew each other. I told him, “I love Sid. He’s funny as hell.”

He sort of did what I did but on Imus. He had his issues with drugs just like me. We just had a lot in common. So I contacted Sid again, we started talking, and we became good friends. He wanted to come on with Stern after he got fired from Imus, and Howard was a little reluctant. Gary and I both worked on Howard. I told him, “Howard, this guy is a funny guy, a huge fan of yours, I’ve known him for a long time, and he’s got amazing stories about Imus and drugs.” Howard loves honesty, Gary and I were both instrumental in getting Sid on, and when he came on he was fantastic. Howard loved him. He even used him for a few things on Howard TV.

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