• Aspiring comedian Caleb Medley still not fully awake after Dark Knight massacre, but well enough to leave hospital

    Caleb Medley, the aspiring comedian who was shot in the head during the July 20 movie theater massacre in Aurora, CO, was released yesterday from the University of Colorado Hospital and has been transferred to an extended-care facility, the Denver Post reports.

    “No word on where that is yet and while Caleb is still not fully awake this is a step in the right direction,” reads a post on the Support Caleb page on Facebook. “It means that he no longer requires critical care and the doctors can now go about the task of helping him heal.”

    The shooting at a midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises, which claimed the lives of 12 moviegoers and injured 58 others occurred just four days before Medley’s wife Katie — who escaped the shooting — gave birth to the couple’s son, Hugo Jackson.

    On July 30, a judge levied 142 charges against the shooter, James Holmes, including 24 counts of first-degree murder.

    Since the Medley family has no health insurance a website was launched in order to secure funds for Caleb’s medical bills. As of this writing, nearly $392,000 has been collected. The cost of his treatment, doctors said, could rise as high as $2 million.

    Caleb has suffered the loss of his right eye and is still not completely responsive. On Sept. 7, a message from Katie was posted on Facebook. “[Caleb] is still heavily sedated, but he is slowly coming around. He has been following commands much better, and he has been able to open his left eye!”

    And in a bittersweet moment, Katie added, “Hugo is doing well also, he is getting big! Hopefully father and son will meet soon!”

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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