• Why comedians should embrace (and control) the future of comedy school

    I remember sitting in my office in 2010 and reading Doug Stanhope’s evisceration of stand-up comedy classes. I remember it very clearly, in fact, because at the time I was deep into strategizing how a “traditional” comedy club could become the next Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater. UCB was at the time, the dominant force in L.A. comedy, producing some of the most innovative shows, with some of the hottest talent

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    Opinion: Why it’s crucial that comedy clubs develop talent if they want to survive

    In 1973 Johnny Carson moved the Tonight Show from Manhattan to Burbank and in one swift move, shifted the center of the comedy universe at the time from NYC to LA. Back then, the only way to make it “Big” in comedy was through the Tonight Show and its mystical gatekeepers. Would you be seen by the Tonight Show scouts? Would you make it through the booking process? Would Johnny

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