Minneapolis comedian Bill Young dies but won’t be forgotten by supportive Twin Cities comedy community (Essay)

We just lost a dear friend of the Minneapolis/St. Paul comedy scene. He passed away sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. This was the second huge death the scene has had in less than two weeks and we are beyond devastated. The entire landscape of our community has changed. Bill Young was the nicest and funniest person that ever lived. This is not an exaggeration. Bill was a great

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Comedian Mike Brody gives comedy advice to younger self, every comedian (Laughspin essay)

Dear Young Mike Brody, First off, screw the prop comic who yelled at you for swearing when you opened for him in 2001. You didn’t know it was a clean show and you didn’t know how anything worked then. He was a douche then and he’s a douche today. His closing joke is juggling Chiclets. Never rely on a bit that a roving squirrel could steal. There are many other

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