• Jim Gaffigan is now inspiring dancers because he’s just that good

    Different forms of art intersect often in the creative world but one choreographer in Orange County found a rather unique take on a Jim Gaffigan comedy routine. Choreographer Joshua King coaches a lot of young dancers in California and one of his young students, Liesl, performed a routine on Gaffigan’s bit about apples. Liesl performed an interpretive dance piece with Gaffigan’s voice in the background. Gaffigan fans will recognize his

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    Gary Gulman shares 100th comedy tips on Twitter

    If you’ve ever dreamt of Gary Gulman coaching you on your stand-up routine, you’re in luck! The veteran comedian has been sharing his secrets and posting comedy tips on Twitter every day this year. The nuggets of wisdom include advice on how to combat stage fright, the importance of leaving your house when working on a set, and how using “bitch” may guarantee a laugh—but doesn’t help you stand out.

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    Amy Schumer hates people with happy pregnancies in Netflix trailer

    The trailer for Amy Schumer’s second Netflix special, Growing, is out and it’s clear Schumer continues to keep it real during her pregnancy. Amy Schumer: Growing debuts on March 19 and will show Schumer talking about the trials of pregnancy, being a bridesmaid in your late thirties, and marital bliss. In the trailer, Schumer shares that even though someone is pregnant you don’t start to change who you are, unlike

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