Aziz Ansari makes the MTV Movie Awards funny on purpose; watch the evidence

The two-hour event The Night of a Thousand Promotions aired last night. Most know the ceremony by its birth name: The MTV Movie awards. The night was filled with all kinds of emotion, but the heaviest of them all was laughter, thanks to comedian host Aziz Ansari. He treated the awards show as if he were a kid on Christmas day with a brand new toy to play with.

Right off the bat Ansari did hilarious parodies of two the year’s more serious films The Blind Side and Precious. This is the lead to his introduction – from the only man who can “make all the girls go crazy” – Justin Bieber.

From there, we were treated to a night full of Aziz’s ridiculous humor. As all awards shows do, he began with a monologue – which was a down right hilarious send-up of 3-D movies.

The ceremony started and awards were given out to actors and actresses for random categories that the audience voted on. Then Aziz delivered on what we were all promised a week ago, “A HUMAN GIANT REUNION MOTHERFUCKERS!” The comedy troupe of Ansari, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer were back for a video about a stunt man agency name Stunt Kidz.

Ansari even pulled out his famous R. Kelly impression – from his Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening stand-up special – only this time it was a commentary on the movie Avatar ending with a big “FUCK YOU BP!” finale.

Zach Galifanakis even stopped by starring in a digital short where Aziz – as Taavon – is his “swagger” coach.

Then the two-hours of shameless self-promotions ended with Ansairi summing up the night in one sentence: “What a surprise! Twilight won everything!”

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