• Aziz Ansari’s Parks and Rec character Tom Haverford gets his own web site

    Aziz Anzari

    As an added bonus to the truly brilliant Aziz-Ansari-as-Tom-Haverford pantry-tastic foodstuff riff from last week’s Parks and Recreation, some Internet nutjobs have created a beautiful website with all of the slang featured on the show. On every refresh of tomhaverfoods.com you’ll learn things like “milk is ‘cereal sauce’” and “grilled cheese is ‘cheesy flip flips.’” You can even submit your own foods for consideration. Someone already submitted pickles (“hulk wieners”).

    28,000 Facebook people like it already, including me. Thank you, Internet! Thank you, Internet nuts! Thank you, Aziz/Tom!

    And for you Ron Swanson types, you aficionados of grilled meats nestled inside of other grilled meats, the A.V. Club struck gold by getting Nick-Offerman-as-Ron-Swanson to offer quotes for an story about the recipe for the Swanson turkey (leg) burger. Sample quote: “I was so honored to prepare this burger for Chuck Norris, it made me cry. Until he punched the tears off my face.” You should really read the rest of them. And yes, you can get the crows.

    Megan Gilbert

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