• Aziz Ansari’s Raaaaaaaandy drops ‘Aaaaaaaagry’ on the masses

    Raaaaaaaandy, the alter-ego of comedian-on-the-rise Aziz Ansari, has applied his passion for dancing, comedy, and rap-making to the most logical conclusion: a comedy/hip hop mixtape. Well aware of the faults of most comedy-rap (that it’s not funny), to correct these Raaaaaaaandy has sought help from the overly qualified Dave Sitek (of TV on the Radio fame) to produce the ambitious mixtape, with beats from DJ Granwizerd and The Have.

    Aziz Ansari

    Though little is known about the project, including a release date, a list of guest emcees, and a name, a track was already leaked. Promptly released officially to the public, the track titled “Aaaaaaaangry” features Raaaaaaaandy lashing out at just about every rapper of note for not writing any verses for the album yet (despite being asked to months ago).

    We have the official, updated with new lyrics, track below, so take a listen –hear the taunts against Kanye, MF Doom and Eminem, a pretty accurate critique of Dr. Dre, and a spoken word outro by none other than the Rza. Though little is known about the album, if even only a third of the rappers mentioned here are actually going to contribute, it ought to be fairly epic.


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