• Barack Obama will hold a private screening of NBC’s new show ‘1600 Penn’

    In the midst of ongoing discussion about possibly raising the debt ceiling, defending his choice for secretary of defense and monitoring a newly-formed committee to look into strengthening gun laws, President Barack Obama will take time from his busy schedule today to watch the first episode of NBC’s upcoming comedy 1600 Penn, which revolves around a fictitious First Family.

    The show, created by former Obama speech writer Jon Lovett, stars Bill Pullman as the POTUS, Jenna Elfman as the First Lady, Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad as the dysfunctional son, Martha MacIsaac as the overachieving eldest daughter, Amara Miller as the younger daughter and Benjamin Stockham as the young, Alex P. Keaton-like son.

    That Obama will hold an official closed-door screening is great news for the cast of 1600 Penn and the suits at NBC. It’s bad news for most Americans, seeing as the big man could probably spend his free 22 minutes more wisely—like locking himself in the bathroom and crying.

    The show officially premieres tomorrow night at 9:30 pm ET. Oh, and if you, dear Laughspinners, want to watch the first episode before that, it’s right below. Enjoy!

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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