• Barstool Sports slammed by YouTube star for stealing video

    Barstool Sports logoBarstool Sports is in hot water after YouTube star Miel Bredouw posted a thread about her alleged experiences with the media outlet. The Los Angeles-based writer and comedian states in the thread that Barstool Sports posted a video she made without crediting her or asking her permission. After Bredouw reported the video, Barstool Sports tried to give her money to remove the DMCA report she had filed against them before starting their own counteraction.

    DMCA or The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a 1998 copyright law that protects intellectual property online. Twitter’s copyright policy notes multiple copyright infringement claims can result in the suspension of one’s account. For the media giant, Barstool, having their Twitter account suspended could result in the loss of their 1.47 million followers.

    Barstool Sports started off as a sports blog in 2007. While the blog is popular, it has been frequently criticized for its rampant sexism and frat-bro vibe. While it started as a sports specific publication, Barstool Sports often posts comedic content on social media.

    Miel Bredouw takes to Twitter for legal help

    Bredouw started a long thread on Twitter asking for legal help.

    She claims in the thread, “In December, they reuploaded one of my videos without credit. I asked for credit, was ignored, and filed a DMCA takedown. Twitter quickly took it down and IMMEDIATELY Barstool’s social guy sends me an email. I don’t respond. He emails again in early February. I don’t respond.”

    Bredouw says they offered her credit, at first, then a gift card and then ultimately $2,000 in cash. The comedian says she did not respond to any of the offers and even attached screenshots of the various offers and direct messages she claims to have received.

    After not taking the deals from Barstool, Bredouw received an email from Twitter saying that the video would be reposted in 10 days if she did not file a court order. She states after receiving this information, “They win. That’s it.”

    Barstool Sports joins content stealing conversation

    Barstool Sports is one of several popular accounts that have recently been called out for stealing comedians content. The hashtag #FuckFuckJerry made news last month after Vulture Comedy editor Megh Wright started tweeting about the companies widespread stealing of comedians’ jokes for content. With support from comedians like John Mulaney, the account lost over 500,000 followers and Comedy Central pulled ads from the media group.

    The internet has made it easier than ever to steal jokes, but comedians are exposing this practice. Bredouw says, “Thank you for assuming I must have ONE HELL OF A video.” The video that exposed all of this is a parody version of Carol of the Bells which has over 1 million views on Bredouw’s YouTube channel.

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