Bernie Sanders ain’t happy on Tax Day in satirical video

James AdomianJames Adomian is trying to get you through Tax Day as Bernie Sanders. The comedian and voice actor dusted off his Sanders impression to release a new YouTube video. In the video, Adomian plays the 2020 presidential hopeful as he tries to cram 10 years of tax returns into one day.

The video shows Sanders sadly realizing how rich he is and therefore doesn’t pay enough taxes. The presidential candidate has been vocal on his plans to tax the upper-class and change tax laws to help the majority of Americans.

While many of the Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election have unveiled plans to reduce some of the tax burdens on America’s middle class, Sanders is perhaps the most vocal and radical on the topic. The Democratic Socialist plans to expand the estate tax and would tax estates starting at $3.5 million, with a 77 percent rate on billionaire estates.

James Adomian returns as Bernie Sanders

Adomian, who is best known for his work on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Chapo Trap House, and Last Comic Standing, leaned into his Sanders impression during the 2016 primaries. He impersonated Sanders on Comedy Central’s The President Show and Trump vs. Bernie, a live satirical act where he and Anthony Atamanuik debate as Sanders and Donald Trump. The act was made into two TV specials and an appearance in @midnight.

It is clear from the new video that Adomian is great at being Bernie. In the video, Adomian delivers classic Bernie-isms sprinkled in with satire. From a desk littered with papers, Adomian’s version of the Senator from Vermont angrily says hilarious lines like, “We sold too many of these goddamn books; that’s why I’m rich!” He continues, “22%? They are not taxing me at a high enough rate. Jane, is there any way we can pay the alternative maximum tax?!”

Sanders has frequently been asked for his tax returns, which tend to take a little longer than some expect.

You can watch the full video below.

Rosa Escandon

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