• Beth Behrs, Artie Lange star in Maria Menounos produced serial killer comedy (Video)

    Serial killers sell, and Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro’s newly released indie comedy The Adventures of Serial Buddies is adding to the crowded club of popular murder movies. Available today stream on iTunes and through the film’s website, Adventures, written by Undergaro, is a wacky buddy road trip movie about a band of misfit murderers (played by Paul Ashton, Hal Rudnick, Todd Wilson and Gian Molina). The cast also includes Christopher Lloyd, Henry Winkler, Christopher McDonald, Artie Lange, Beth Behrs (2 Broke Girls), Kathie Lee Gifford and Menounos (naturally).

    “At the end of the summer, I thought I’d see him the next evening,” Undergaro tells The Hollywood Reporter, about the film, inspired by his experience working with a “serial buddy. “And when I said ‘Let’s exchange email addresses,’ or whatever, he was like ‘Well, actually next Friday I’m going to be going away’ … he was trying to get off the subject and when I finally pinned him down, he was like, ‘Well, actually I’m going to prison for life.’”

    You can check out the trailer below.

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    Sonia Weiser

    Sonia Weiser (@weischoice) has neither fame or fortune, but aspires to be a full time writer of humorous material (which will undoubtedly not lead to those two things). Right now, she's probably tweeting as someone else or waiting for new podcasts to download. Possibly drinking coffee and wondering whether or not she should do laundry this weekend.

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