• Bette Midler Kickstarting $174 million for Moon trip in Funny or Die video

    Bette Midler wants to visit the MoonThrough her nearly 50-year career in show business, it seems the multi-talented Bette Midler has done it all. She’s won three Grammys (nominated 12 times), three Emmys, four Golden Globes and has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Midler, aka The Divine Miss M, has also appeared on countless television shows, starred in some of the most remembered movies (The Rose, Ruthless People, Beaches) and has become a powerful activist ever since founding the New York Restoration Project in 1995. Which leads her to hew newest, most challenging charge to date. Midler wants to plant a tree on the Moon. And she needs you to help her.

    “I have worked for years planting trees and cleaning parks in New York City and I really do feel like I’m ready for the next step. And my next step is to complete my astronaut training, board a spaceship, land on the Moon, plant a tree and then come home,” Midler says in a new Funny Or Die video, adding that she’s using Kickstarter to crowd source the funds — $174 million — needed for her trip into outer space. Watch the full video below to get all the details, including your possible rewards (plug alert: her new album). You can’t deny that Bette Midler has made all of our lives better. Can’t we do this one little thing for her? Do the right thing.

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