Bill Burr on NFL, why women hate seeing men happy (Video)

Bill BurrWhat can be said about Bill Burr that hasn’t already been said about Bill Burr. He’s a blue-collar Confucius. A ginger Jack Handey. The layman’s Christopher Hitchens. Ol’Billy Redface brings with him astute observations in the tongue of a thousand Boston transplants with the comedic edge of a man who was born to do the craft. And he brought some of his jaded wisdom to Conan in a glorious confluence of talent.

Promoting the vinyl release of Live At Andrew’s House and his upcoming Netflix special I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, Burr, as per usual, did not disappoint. It’s safe to say that Burr is becoming one of Conan’s go-to guests along the lines of Norm Macdonald (another man who entertains by virtue of being himself) and we couldn’t be happier to see the relationship develop. With a comic voice that only gets better and more incisive with age (shades of Carlin, quite honestly), Burr tackled some of his favorite topics: sports, chauvinism and fat-shaming. In an entertainment world that encourages scripted moments of “authenticity” and lackluster anecdotes, Burr is what you would call, in the most cliché way possible, a breath of fresh air. It’s also just plain awe-inspiring to see someone recover from being marginally chauvinist and retain the crowd that loves him so much. Burr’s Live at Andrew’s House is out now through Third Man Records and I’m Sorry You Feel that Way premieres in December on Netflix.

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Rodrigo Torrejon

Rodrigo Torrejon is a journalist/writer technically based out of New Jersey, but a New York native on Tinder. He loves medium-rare steak, the outdoors, but most of all, comedy. He also writes and curates a music and culture blog at

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