• Bill Burr’s anti EDM rant becomes next EDM hit, probably. Listen to the song now!

    Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast is a weekly listening ritual for tens of thousands of comedy nerds all over the world. We tune in to hear Burr, one of the finest comedians of our day, rant and rave about basically anything—big or small. Well one of Burr’s recent rants centered on EDM– that’s Electronic Dance Music for those of you who spend your time listening to decent music. Burr bemoaned not only the genre’s existence but also the illogical popularity of this type of club music. At one point Burr hummed a tune and asserted that an EDM DJ could make a hit song out of it.

    It turns out New York-based DJ and producer Raffael De Luca has good taste in comedy, because he took it upon himself to create some EDM based on Burr’s melody. The question is, does De Luca (a Harvard grad and 15-year DJ veteran) think Burr is dead wrong about EDM? “No, Bill Burr is dead on,” De Luca tells Laughspin. “It was refreshing hearing it come from an outsider’s perspective. I made this song in about 40 minutes to show how screwed up the EDM scene is and how little to no work needs to be done to make the songs.”

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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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