• Bill Cosby #CosbyMeme further exposes rape allegations, total social media fail

    Though he’s 77 years old, Bill Cosby and his team have done a relatively good job of keeping the iconic comedian relevant via social media the past few years. He tweets on the regular, his Website is constantly updated and he’s got more than 400,000 Facebook followers. Yesterday, in an attempt to maintain Cosby’s career buoyancy, Cosby (or his social media manager) introduced the #CosbyMeme hashtag on Twitter and the encouraging words, “Go ahead. Meme me!”

    Things went quickly awry as users immediately began uploading memes that exposed the 13 allegations of rape against Cosby. Those allegations surfaced 20 years ago and have intermittently re-surfaced throughout Cosby’s career, but to little negative effect to the comedian. Comedian Hannibal Buress, however, re-ignited the conversation through an ongoing bit he’s been doing onstage wherein he calls Cosby a rapist. When someone filmed and uploaded the bit to YouTube last month, the floodgates re-opened.

    Bill Cosby’s tweet encouraging meme participation was eventually removed but not before a lot of digital damage had been inflicted. As usual Cosby has not responded about the rape allegations Some of the evidence of the #CosbyMeme failure is below.







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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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