• Bill Hader returns to Saturday Night Live tomorrow: Watch Hader with Kenan Thompson, Cecily Strong, Hozier

    When Sarah Silverman and Chris Pratt were announced to host, it seemed Saturday Night Live had pulled out all the stops for their historic 40th season. Then it was announced that former cast member (and one of my personal favorites) Bill Hader would host in October and their was a collective “F yeah!” heard in the tri-state area.

    The SNL alumnus is fresh off his first dramatic role in The Skeleton Twins (co-starring fellow SNL standout, Kristen Wiig, fittingly enough) and his appearance on the show is already fueling a firestorm of anticipation. One of SNL’s best impressionists this side of Darrell Hammond, as well as being responsible for some of the most memorable characters in the show’s history, Hader brings with him a lot of hope for a season that has seen high cast turnover, a less than momentous first episode (though Silverman’s appearance on the second episode gave us hope). Whatever problems may come though, I’m pretty sure all of it can be fixed with the timely return of the Vincent Price Halloween Special and of course… a Stefon appearance. Just sayin’. Check out below as Hader keeps it cash’ with scat skills and a spot-on impression of Kenan. Hader hosts this Saturday with musical guest Hozier, who appears in the second set of promos below, alongside Cecily Strong.

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    Rodrigo Torrejon

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