• Bill Hicks mega-anthology set for release

    Comedy Dynamics, the massive California-based comedy publisher, has teamed up with the Hicks estate to release a mega-anthology of every piece of Bill Hicks’ creative material ever created, including recordings of his stand-up performances and candid photos never before seen by the public, according to the Houston Chronicle.

    “Our goal is to have everything,” Brian Volk-Weiss, president of Comedy Dynamics told the Chronicle. “It’s designed give a Hicks fan or novice no reason to have to look anywhere else.”

    On April 28th, the windfall begins with a digital release of Hicks’ entire remastered discography — from Arizona Bay to Salvation and everything in between — via online retailers. On that same day, Comedy Dynamics also plans to re-release all of Hicks’ stand-up specials through its video-on-demand service. A DVD box set release of his entire special catalog will hit stores on August 18th.

    After the summer, Comedy Dynamics will bookend the year-long Hicks-a-thon by releasing a never-before heard Hicks album on October 27.

    “The duty to expose him to a new generation of comedy fans is a true honor,” Volk-Weiss said. “We’ll do him proud.”

    For more information on the anthology or video releases, check out Comedy Dynamics’ Facebook page. Also, check out a slice of Hicks’ stand-up awesomeness below:

    Nicholas C. Martinez

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