• 10 times Bill Cosby was creepy af

    Many Bill Cosby fans were shocked when the legendary comedian was accused of sexually assaulting numerous women. But maybe we shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, Cosby, who was recently found guilty of aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, has a history of bizarre and downright creepy behavior. Here are 10 times that Bill Cosby was a total creep:

    1. His advice to George Lopez

    During an interview with Howard Stern back in 2016, Lopez recalled a conversation he had with Cosby after taking over as host of Playboy Jazz Festival several years earlier. According to Lopez, Cosby gave him some weird tips about dealing with the opposite sex. “He says, you know, like, ‘If you meet a lady, man, put her in the audience. Don’t bring her backstage,'” Lopez said. “If you want to get blown, keep her out there … None of it had anything to do with jazz, by the way.”

    2. His conversation with Kenan Thompson

    George Lopez isn’t the only comedian who has recently come forward with a weird Bill Cosby story.  New Emmy-winner Kenan Thompson revealed in 2015 that Cosby also gave him some bizarre advice when they worked together on the Fat Albert movie. “There are little indicators of things that happen that you just go, ‘Hmmm, that was a little different,'” Thompson told Late Night with Seth Meyers. “And one of them was this story that he told me, where he was like, ‘You know, life is good in the movies or whatever, but you just be ready, because when this movie comes out, you’re going to need two dicks because women are going to be all over you.'”

    It’s no wonder Thompson called Cosby a “monster” during a stand-up set that same year.

    3. His books

    Bill Cosby wrote three books in the late 1980s, and they are chock-full of examples of his dirty mind. Just take this passage from Love and Marriage, where he described how he preyed on women back in high school: It was in those basements that I tried to squeeze girls as if they were melons to see which ones might be ripe for going steady with me. Sometimes I managed to lure one of them outside to sit with me in a car for a little kissing and rubbing; most of the other girls I managed to lure away from the crowd just sat there like statues, hoping that this moment would pass and they could get on with their lives.

    Or this excerpt from FatherhoodA father… knows exactly what those boys at the mall have in their depraved little minds because he once owned such a depraved little mind himself. In fact, if he thinks enough about the plans that he used to have for young girls, the father not only will support his wife in keeping their daughter home, but he might even run over to the mall and have a few of those boys arrested.

    4. His anti-prejudice special

    Back in the 1970s, Cosby starred in a TV special where he played the ultimate bigot. The satirical program was designed to teach viewers about prejudice. But it also revealed Cosby’s disturbing views of women. Toward the end of the routine, he stated, “They’re not pieces of flesh, but if I want to take one out, I’ll take her out. I buy the dinner—she didn’t pay for it. I expect something in return!” He even said that women are not as strong as men and that women are only supposed to “have babiesand “wash dishes.” While Cosby was ostensibly in character at the time, he may have been expressing his true views through the guise of comedy.

    5. His interview with Sofia Vergara

    Fans got to see Bill Cosby’s creepy antics for themselves when he filled in on The Late Show back in 2003. Cosby interviewed Sofia Vergara and spent the entire conversation ogling over the actress. Men look at you, and they only think of sin,” he told an uncomfortable Vergara. … Now what you have on tonight is wonderful. This is wonderful. And when you walked out, many, uh, many people became attentive.”

    6. His weird rider

    While visiting The Late Show, Cosby had a truly odd request. He reportedly wanted some of the young female staffers to stare at him. “He’d include as a request, before he arrived, that the young girls, interns, and assistants, all had to gather around in the green room backstage and sit down and watch him eat curry,” a source told NY Daily News. “No one would say anything, and he would sit silently eating and make us watch and want us to watch.”

    7. His joke about a special barbecue sauce

    During one episode of The Cosby Show, the comedian joked about a special barbecue sauce he makes that causes women to become “huggy buggy.” Sure enough, daughters are all over their significant others after having it. Cosby’s character then attempts to seduce his wife (played by Phylicia Rashad) by saying he has a cup of the sauce waiting for her upstairs. While this just seemed like an innocent joke at the time, it’s hard to watch this scene without thinking about the reports of Cosby drugging his victims.

    8. His Spanish Fly “joke”

    This wasn’t even the first time that Bill Cosby joked about drugging women. In 1969, he released a comedy LP called It’s True! It’s True! that featured a bit about Spanish Fly. Cosby “joked” about using the aphrodisiac to drug and lure women. “Spanish Fly is groovy,” he said. “Yeah boy. From then on, man, any time you see a girl: Wish you had some Spanish Fly boy. Go to a party, see five girls standing alone—boy, if I had a whole jug of Spanish Fly I’d light that corner up over there.” The only thing worse than the joke itself is hearing the audience members laughing in the background.

    9. His thoughts on birth control

    Yet another standup routine that predicted some of Cosby’s predatory ways came on his comedy album Those of You with or Without Children, You’ll Understand. During that record, he stated why he didn’t think he had to talk to his son about birth control. “It’s the female’s job to protect herself,” he said. “It’s like a goalie… you have to keep people from scoring on you.” Men continue to use similar explanations to justify rape.

    10. His “gift” for a female journalist

    Reporter Dana Kennedy did a story on Bill Cosby back in the early 1990s. And while she maintains that Cosby never tried to seduce her, she did notice his creepy tendencies throughout the interview. At one point, he told her, “Tell me what you want to ask and we’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t go well, I’ll give you a piece of fruit. I’ll give you an apple or pear and you can be on your way.”

    Sure enough, within days of the story being published, Cosby mailed Kennedy a dying apple.

    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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