Bobcat Goldthwait will direct Kinks musical movie

Bobcat GoldthwaitYou know the Kinks, right? They’re one of the biggest rock bands of all time. I guarantee you’ve had their song “Lola or “You Really Got Me” stuck in your head at some point. Now, take Bobcat Goldthwait — the infamous voice-cracking comedian-turned-director most famous for his part in the Police Academy movies — and mix him with the Kinks.

Hot off his latest film, World’s Greatest Dad, Bobcat has decided to tackle a musical film based upon The Kink’s 1975 album Schoolboys In Disgrace.

“‘Schoolboys in Disgrace’ is a story that any kid who has felt that they are not being treated fairly can relate to, all set to some of the greatest rock songs you’ll ever hear,” Goldthwait recently said. “It’s the genesis story of a supervillain set to music. It’s the story of the world’s most charming criminal and a realistic high school musical for all the kids who hate sugary, sweet, unrealistic high school musicals.”

The film will feature the Kink’s album rerecorded with the cast members of the movie. For fans of Goldthwait’s movies know all the movies he has written and directed have had some sort of bizarre twist — and this is a giant understatement — so venturing a guess into what direction he’ll push his latest project is simply impossible, and extremely exciting.

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