• Brit comedian Alan Carr lashes out at pop star Lily Allen

    Alan Carr
    Alan Carr

    First it was Jerry Seinfeld and Lady Gaga, now it’s British comedian Alan Carr and Lily Allen. What’s up with these comedian vs. pop star beefs?

    Okay, gossip time: Recently Lily Allen was supposed to appear on British comedian Alan Carr’s talk show Chatty Man. She cancelled with two hours’ notice, not the first time that had happened, and Carr proceeded to let loose on a tirade. He’s quoted as saying,

    “So I don’t know what’s wrong with that f**king bitch. I don’t know if it’s a vendetta. I don’t know whether she hates me or it’s because I’m gay, but the way I’m buzzing now I could f**king slap her.”


    Lily Allen responded with everyone’s new favorite PR tool: Twitter. She tweeted, “Sorry Alan, but I can’t help being ill. If it’s any consolation I feel awful. I wouldn’t have been any fun at all,” and “I do think your comments are a bit strong though. Unless you were being sarcastic and your words were taken out of context.”

    If those pretty reasonable tweets haven’t resolved this spat, here are our official mediation recommendations: 1) Lily Allen gets to write a snarky song about Alan Carr like she does about her ex boyfriends, or 2) They swim the English Channel together as a relay team as a relationship rebuilder. Hope this helps!

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