Carlos Mencia opens Mexican restaurant

Carlos MenciaHeading to Galveston, TX any time soon? If so, you could be one of the first customers at Maggie Rita’s Mexican Grill and Bar, the newest eatery opened by comedian Carlos Mencia. This is the third restaurant for the ethically-questionable comic, after opening restaurants in Houston and New Orleans.

Mencia talked about his motivation to get into the restaurant business with The Galveston Daily News.

“The brain never stops. It just so happens I am a comedian and an actor. If I lost my voice tomorrow and I was unable to do that, I would fall on my feet. I would find something else to do, and I would be successful at it.”

Mencia also spoke about opening using his restaurants to help the economies in New Orleans and Galveston in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike and troubles in The Gulf.

“I feel good about that,” Mencia said. “Coming here to rebuild is a big part. I could have opened a restaurant anywhere.”

Mencia also said he was inspired by recipes he tasted at other eateries – as is his way.

Brendan McLaughlin

Brendan is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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