• Charlie Murphy tells college crowd “Fuck You,” leaves the stage

    Steve Martin once wrote, “Stand-up is seldom performed in ideal circumstances.”

    For stand-up comics, distractions abound, and I feel that Charlie Murphy would definitely agree. In this brief excerpt of only about one minute of actual performance, the audience at Grambling State University during their homecoming weekend, certainly doesn’t seem to care much for the show—from their incessant murmuring in the background to finally booing him to his tipping point. But I have to wonder, was his reaction and abrupt departure warranted?

    I’ve seen comedians work a less-than-appreciative crowd and handle the occasional heckler quite well. Murphy let his initial frustration come ahead of what could have been an opportunity to dig himself out of a hole. To go back to Martin, “The seedier the circumstances, the funnier one can be.” With that in mind, watch the clip for yourself, and unless you care for indistinguishable talking among a departing audience, you can stop the clip at about 2:20.

    Let us know what you think. Would you have handled the situation differently or did Charlie do the right thing?

    Though the Grambling University student newspaper reported that, although Murphy dropped his paycheck on the stage, someone from his camp retrieved it. However, Charlie was painfully clear on Twitter:

    Charlie Murphy

    And less than a day ago, he tweeted: “Performed at House of Blues last night in Las Vegas. Scored an A will keep doing this till it’s obvious that GSU Is ignorant!”

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