• Charlize Theron wants to return to Arrested Development for its new season and movie (Video)

    We know the original main cast of Arrested Development is confirmed for the upcoming season on Netflix and for the eventual movie. But what about those quirky side characters?

    In an interview with VH1, the ever lovely Charlize Theron gushed about getting to play Rita Leeds on the prematurely canceled cult show, calling it “one of her favorite experiences.” When asked if she was going to be a part of the movie, Theron replied, “I don’t know, I would love to — I also don’t want to crash the party.” We’re not sure if Theron could ever really crash a party but here’s hoping she crashes this one. Dear, Mitch Hurwitz: Put her in, please!!!

    Here’s a clip of Theron as Rita on Arrested Development.


    And here’s that interview with VH1:

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