• Chelsea Handler in tears over Donald Trump win over Hillary Clinton (Video)

    Chelsea Handler broke down in tears over Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton during a taping of her Netflix talk show. The full episode will begin streaming tomorrow night at 12:01 am PST. After watching a portion of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech from yesterday and during an interview with California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, Handler just lost it. “Sorry, I hate fucking crying on camera,” the comedian says, before doubling down on her pre-election promise to move out of the country if Trump beat Clinton. “I want to move to Spain. I really, really want to move to Spain right now,” Handler says, but then adds, “Everyone in my office is like, ‘you have a responsibility, you have a voice and you need to use it.’”

    Handler also opined that Trump’s language and rhetoric — not to mention his abhorrent, childish behavior — throughout the election should have disqualified him from even running for president. “It you’re caught lying on camera three times in a row, if you’re talking about a woman’s genitalia—those are unpresidential things,” Handler says, before Boxer points out that in addition to Handler’s gripes, Trump was the only presidential nominee in modern history to refuse to release his tax returns.

    By the end of the segment between Handler and Boxer, there was a message of hope and standing up for what you believe in. It’s a long clip but surely worth your time. Check it out below!


    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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