Chris Hardwick on Fallon: the Nerdist YouTube channel and the Star Wars Comic-Con run

Comedian, author, television host and entertainment empire builder Chris Hardwick dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night; and he had a whole bunch of cool shit to announce. First, the official Nerdist channel on YouTube is set to launch on April 1. Unlike your best friend’s dumb YouTube channel, this thing will operate more like a traditional network. For instance, Neil Patrick Harris and Rob Zombie has signed on to work on the channel; and there will be a show based on the super popular blog Awkward Family Photos.

On a different topic, Hardwick announced some pretty sweet Comic-Con news. The Nerdist, along with Lucasfilm, will be leading something called the Course of the Force– a five-day run (from the Santa Monica Pier to San Diego, where Comic-Con is held each year), wherein 500 participants will dress as Star Wars characters and wield light sabers. You can watch Hardwick explain it all, below.

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